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The Gift of Gratitude Journal

The Gift of Gratitude Journal

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'Success and inner peace are your birth right. You are a child of God; and as such, you're entitled to a life of joy, love and happiness.' Dr Wayne W. Dyer

This guided journal collects many of Wayne's writings on how to actively tune in to the voice of your true self and live your purpose. If you're not certain what your soul's calling you to do, there are quotes to inspire you along with visualizations and other exercises to help you figure it out.

Through this journal, you'll understand how to:

· release your attachments to the opinions of others - as well as yourself
· open your mind to your limitless potential
· tame your ego so you can let go of stress and anxiety
· accept the success and inner peace that is your birth right

With the guidance of Dr Wayne W. Dyer, you can break free from the expectations and negativity that hold you back.

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