"Ordered the Fiver Friday deal. Delivery was fast, website super user friendly, Amelia let me know what the crystals were when I asked. Fab service and products, will definitely be ordering again on payday!"

"These smell amazing, I love essential oils and these have to be the best I’ve ever bought."
"My smudge sticks have arrived. Hopefully we can cleanse whatever thing is sticking around in the house. It's most definitely outstayed its welcome.
Thanks Fox & the Bear! They arrived so quickly!"
"Thank you for my order. They are all so beautiful... my girls pinched the sweets as soon as I opened the package!!! I also ordered 2 worry stones which were instantly claimed by the 11 & 13 year olds"
"I bought an anxiety kit for my Son and it happened to arrive the day he went into hospital with appendicitis so I gave him the worry people to take into theatre and even now he tells people how they took his worries away 😍 the whole kit has been a lifesaver ever since! Thank you so much, I highly recommend them to anyone with an anxious child xx"
"I bought an anxiety kit for my daughter (now 6) she was struggling with separation anxiety. She loved the worry people and keeps them under her pillow . She would carry the crystals in her coat pocket, she chose to give her 2 sisters and brother a Crystal each too!! After a week she was going into school much happier. The dream catcher was instantly placed above her bed!! These kits are amazing!!"
"So day 1 of using the beard oil, he’s already impressed his beard normally irritates him, he’s used the oil once and the irritation has stopped! Will keep you updated xx"
"My order came today! Thank you so much, these are perfect to finish off peoples Christmas presents ☺️ I would have included the sweets in the picture but they were claimed as soon as I opened the box"